About me

My name is Jasper, I am a 26 years old designer and painter. Right now I live in Berlin. Originally I come from Oldenburg in northwest Germany. Due to my mom, who is an autodidactic ceramist and my father, who is a trained carpenter and a studied architect, I came very early in contact with handcrafts and creative work. This was resulting in schoolbooks full of sketches instead of homework. In the advanced level of high school I have parallely visited the Kunstschule Klex in Oldenburg (now Oldenburger Kunstschule e.V.) to work for my portfolio. I was lucky to have the great tutor Andrey Gradetchliev, who is a very talented graphic artist, I am looking up to.

I have studied product design (BA) at the university of applied sciences Potsdam. During my studies I have got to know a lot of techniques and media beyond painting, such as computer aided design (CAD), 3D-printing, lasercutting, programming, tinkering and a bunch of software tools. The art and technology interact well in my opinion, even though you will mainly see classic, figurative art on this website. I really like algorithms, AI and automate a lot of chore. But painting is something so intrinsic, meditative, imperfect pursuit, I won't hand over. Even though there are a lot of things that influenced me. For example how a rendering engine works. I am simply in love with light. I like how it diffuses, refracts, bounces and especially casts long shadows. Maybe that is why you see a lot of daily light scenes, rendered by a human and modeled by nature.


  • to be announced (2019)
    to be announced
    Niedersächsisches Studieninstitut für kommunale Verwaltung e.V. Oldenburg
  • 24. Februar - 29. April 2019
    Zwei Bilder in der Ausstellung:
    STANDPUNKTE - Das Bild der Stadt in der Kunst

    Stadtmuseum Oldenburg